• Community service hours provided for school

  • You get exclusive access to partner events and opportunities to participate in other organizations

  • Receive recognition by being listed as one of our tutors or staff members

  • Get a chance to participate in a diverse, international organization

  • Get a wide variety of experiences from our well-rounded internships and opportunities

  • List us on your college applications! 


  • If you're applying to be a tutor, you must meet specific guidelines displayed below

  • Volunteers must be in 9th grade or over

  • College students (undergraduate only) are permitted to volunteer

  • Submit our volunteer application

  • Complete a quick but efficient volunteer training​

  • Be compassionate, kind, and have good email etiquette

  • All volunteers are required to have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 (on a 4.0 scale).

  •  If your school does not follow a 4.0 GPA weighting system, your recent transcript may include up to two C's, and may NOT include any D's, E's (British System), or F's.

Our teams



Become a team lead, executive member or lead a physical club in your area! Vacancies vary. 

Lead a Power Scholars Club at your high school! Click HERE for more information.


Tutor students via Google Meet! You are able to select a student to tutor from our internal student catalog if you're an accepted tutor. 



Verify community service hours, maintain our employee directory, and organize online files. 


Spread the word of Power Scholars Online Tutoring and extend our reach. Create social media posts, participate in email marketing, and more!


Write blogs for Power Scholars! These usually tie into the month we are celebrating, and also include various topics. You are able to write blogs of your choosing according to our honor code to ensure you appropiate content, alongside lead approval. 

General Volunteers

General volunteer assist in various seasonal tasks. These include but are not limited to partnership events, task sign-ups for upkeep, etc.

Submit a volunteer application.

In order to get started with our online volunteer program, please submit a volunteer application. You will hear back from our human resources team with your application decision via email. If you are interested in starting a Power Scholars club at your high school, please click here