Steps to become a tutor with Power Scholars!


Step 1

Complete an initial application. Locked on the 

"Volunteer Page"

Step 2

Once you are accepted after submitting an initial application,

Review our tutor training presentation and then

Apply for your ID.

Usually, ID's are processed within 7 days. 

This ID will have your unique numbers that identify you as a volunteer at Power Scholars!

Step 3

Take our cumulative tutor assessment:

Power Scholars Cumulative Tutor Assessment (Version 1: For Tutors)

Referred to as: PSCTA

This test is a 45-minute test consisting of 60 questions.

***You can take this test on your own time as it is proctored by a computerized system 


This is our approach to set a Power Scholars standard to academic standings amongst tutors to avoid different grading systems, if the tutor is not a part of AP, IB, AICE, or A-Levels. 

Please keep in mind that even you are a part of AP, IB, AICE, or A-Levels, we still require you to take the test, and it will serve as extra merit on your profile! 

Step 4

Once you complete the test, and pass it, that's it!

Your LAST step is to submit an intern acknowledgment form which is a quick form signalling that you understand our rules. 

We will get your profile set up so that you can begin teaching! 

We do not own any rights to the AP logo nor the AP program. The College Board owns all rights to the AP Trademark. 

Power Scholars is a nonprofit organization registered with the IRS as a volunteer/community group

EIN: 86-1578738 

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