Private & AP Tutoring

How are Power Scholars tutors qualified?

How do I sign up as a student?

What if I run into a technical issue during my session?

What if I want to switch my tutor?

What platform does Power Scholars tutor through?

All of our tutors are high school volunteers. It is a requirement that all of our tutors have a GPA of 3.7 or higher. Most of our tutors are straight-A students and some are even in IB, AP, and concurrent enrollment programs.

For regular and AP sessions, please visit the Sign Up section of our website and follow the instructions.

Email kyra.staff.powerscholars@gmail.com for further assistance.

None of our sessions are recurring. You simply schedule any type of session you would like on whatever day you choose. You even review your tutor qualifications and pick your own tutor, so you have all the freedom when it comes to changing your tutor!

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How long does Power Scholars take to get back to applicants?

What grades are permitted to volunteer?

Will I get paid for working with Power Scholars?

Do you guys have seasons and deadlines on when to apply?

What does the time commitment look like?

We will review your application and get back to you via email within 1-2 weeks. (May be longer when volunteer application volumes are very high)

High School Students and College Students (Undergraduate Only)

All of our volunteers work with Power Scholars because they want to help the community! All of our positions are unpaid, but they do give you volunteer hours for school.

Our application process doesn't include seasons, meaning we don't have deadlines to apply for positions. We recruit volunteers year-round so our applications never close!

Our time commitment varies per position; however, we are very flexible when it comes to prior commitments. Our internship and volunteer programs are structured to accommodate high school students with busy schedules.