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PS Social is a social network of the Power Scholars community. It allows for students, tutors, parents, and others who choose to join to communicate via Power Scholars! 

Users have the opportunity to join public groups, which consist of forums and discussions alongside direct messages if you would like to message specific members. 

Students who are registered for private sessions are able also able to DM their tutor via PS Social! If you are not a student who participates in private sessions, you can still post questions on the public discussions and our tutoring team will be happy to help. With real-time comments, likes, and reactions, PS Social is the place to be if you need help with school, want to chat, or want to view other discussions!

Support is also provided via PS Social. If you need help, simply join the "Support" group and ask any questions you may have! We will soon be removing the general email support option and be providing support solely through these means. 

PS Social has the following available groups:
-Volunteer Applicants
-Existing Volunteers (Private)
-Support and Help

PS Social will be remotely locked and unavailable for all users during AP® (Advanced Placement) and IB® (International Baccalaureate) testing dates to eliminate any instances of academic dishonesty through any PS Social forums, groups, DM's, and other chats. 

Affected dates: 
April 28,2022-May 20, 2022 (IB®Examinations)
May 2–6, 2022 and May 9–13, 2022 (AP®Examinations)

Coming soon!