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New Volunteers

New volunteers need to first complete the general onboarding steps and then complete position specific onboarding steps.

All Volunteers General Onboarding Steps

Position-Specific Onboarding:

I am an incoming tutor

I am an incoming blog writer

I am an incoming marketer

I am an incoming bookkeeper

I am an incoming club leader

I am an incoming human resources member

Current Volunteer Resources


I am a current tutor

I am a current blog writer

I am a current marketer

I am a current bookkeeper

I am a current club leader

I am an current human resources member

I would like to view available leadership positions

I would like to track and view my service hours through the portal.

I would like to request verification of my service hours.

I would like to resign from my position. 
(1 week notice required)

Questions? For volunteer related inquiries, please use Slack or contact:

Power Scholars Online Tutoring Office of Human Resources