Step 3


Your third and final step is to submit the website profile form. Once you submit this form, you will automatically be screened and added to our "team" page on the employee directory. 

The following information will be visible publicly on the website:
-Your profile picture
(Please attach a CLEAR and APPROPRIATE picture. Any pictures that are blurry and/or inappropriate will be removed by executive management.)  
-Your first and last name 
(Nicknames are not permitted.)
-Your city and state
(Please do not enter fraudulent information) 
-Your volunteer position
(Please do not enter fraudulent information) 
-Your PS ID Public Directory Number
(Please do not enter fraudulent information) 

Please submit this form only once. If you submit it more than one time, your profile will be duplicated. If you would like to report an issue with an existing profile, please contact a support agent through the volunteer communication portal.