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Power Scholars Clubs


Power Scholars Clubs are clubs located at high school across the United States. Scroll below to view our current locations. 

Club locations:

Power Scholars of McNeil High School Coming Soon!



McNeil High School

5720 McNeil Dr,

Austin, TX 78729


✔ In-Person Fundraisers

✔ School club

✔ Seasonal events

✔ Community service hour projects 

Club meets

Bi-weekly at 5:30pm CST Fridays

(1st and 3rd weeks of

every month) 

Meeting type

This club meets virtually, however, fundraisers and seasonal events are held at McNeil High School. 

Requirements to join this chapter

Coming Soon

Leadership at this club (TBA)

President: ---

Vice-President: ---

Secretary: ---

Treasurer: ----