Private Sessions


Private Sessions Overview

Our private sessions offer a one-on-one student to tutor ratio. Private sessions are ideal for those students who prefer a confidential environment where they can receive one-on-one attention from our tutors.
Power Scholars Online Tutoring offers a wide range of offered subjects for tutoring that students may request tutoring for.  

Offered subjects

Please browse our current eligible courses for tutoring. Please keep in mind that some eligible subjects may not have tutor availability due to high student interest. 

Request a tutor change

If you would like to request a tutor change, you may do so by emailing our support team. Information on how to do so is located on the bottom of our website. Please keep in mind that these requests are NOT prioritized against new student applications unless there is a feasible concern for a change of a tutor. 

Meeting frequencies 

Power Scholars allows for students to request up to seven days of tutoring per week! Please keep in mind, however, that this depends on tutor availability and multiple tutors may work with you or your child if you request a higher frequency of sessions per week. 

Session durations

You may request your session to be 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, or 90 minutes. 

Meeting platform


Power Scholars tutors through Google Meet. In your welcome email, you will receive your Google Meet link to enter your scheduled sessions. 

Lesson plans 


Power Scholars uses lesson plans from approved sources in our sessions if students do not provide any specific they need help with. Districts/schools that are formally partnered with Power Scholars may provide district/school specific material for their students to request during the session. 

Power Scholars Academic Integrity Policy 


Students are NOT allowed to request assistance from Power Scholars Online Tutoring for any school-based examinations or graded assessments/assignments including but not limited to graded assignments, quizzes, tests, and other assessments. This includes at home examinations. If any student is found to be violating this policy, they risk having their account deactivated. If the student is associated with one of our district or school partners, their deactivation will also be included in reports to their district. Power Scholars takes academic integrity very seriously, and we ask that you follow our policy to maintain an academically honest virtual environment. Thank you for your understanding. 

Sessions are recorded


In order to maintain a safe environment and have accessible reference in case of any issues being brought to the Power Scholars Online Tutoring administration team's attention, ALL sessions are recorded. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for any bullying, harassment, and other violations in our virtual environment and our session recording policy further enables a quality assurance mechanism to ensure such. 

Submit a student application

Once you have located your course, you may submit a student application. Please click below to do so. Please keep in mind that there may be an increased wait to be paired with a tutor due to high student application volume. Thank you for your patience.