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Welcome to Power Scholars

Online Tutoring. We're a nonprofit organization here to support you with 100% free and virtual tutoring. 



Power Scholars Online Tutoring is a top-ranked 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization offering high quality virtual tutoring for free. We're a student-led initiative created by students for students. We fight education inequality and believe that every student should have equal access to education.


What do
we offer?


Why should a district or a parent/student choose Power Scholars as their tutoring solution?

We're a trusted organization.

By offering a secure learning environment and high encryption standards, we can ensure that our students are in a safe online environment.

We can guarantee assistance 24/7

Our new on-demand tutoring which is launching soon enables students to request help around the clock, whenever they need it. 

Our services are 100% free

All of our services are free of cost and are staffed by volunteers. By not requesting any financial compensation for our services, we can ensure that every student is able to use our services regardless of financial status.

Unlimited assistance

By not setting any limits on how long students may use our services, we ensure that students can request assistance long-term and achieve a true learning experience.

We're a 501(c)(3) nonprofit

We are a tax-exempt organization and all donations are tax-deductible and go towards our mission of fighting education inequality.

Districts receive access to exclusive analytic tools to track student engagement.

Districts are able to request analytics of how many students signed up to use our tutoring services from the respective district. 

More information about district partnerships is available here

Our tutors have gone through an extensive application and training process.

By setting high expectations from potential tutors, we can ensure that our students interact with the best tutors. With our high quality and monitored application process and trainings, we can ensure an optimal student experience.

We offer a peer-based approach.

As a part of our peer-based approach, our tutors are able to relate to our students in a relatable manner which can create long-lasting tutor to student relationships that can help students feel more comfortable in their sessions. 

Our support specialists are here to help with quick response times.

Our support team is here to help. All incoming support requests are completed with quick response times. (Response times may vary during high support volume)




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